Study: Indiana among the places to be to survive zombie apocalypse

Revelers dressed in zombie costumes pose during the Zombie Walk in Athens, Saturday, Feb.25, 2017. Dozens of people took to the streets for an annual event commemorating the horror movies of the 80s. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

Good news, Indiana! We're in good shape to survive the zombie apocalypse!

As Halloween nears (and Season 9 of "The Walking Dead" gets underway), the folks at did the research to see which states are better off when/if the zombies come for our brains.

The (undoubtedly highly scientific) study focused on agriculture, registered weapons, solar energy and weather when compiling the list. Researchers also considered Twinkies (See: 2009's "Zombieland"), Instant Ramen and crossbow regulations to find the safest of the safe havens.

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Thanks to "widespread food production" - including the Twinkie bakery on Shadeland Avenue - Indiana ranked among the 13 states listed as "most likely to survive" the zombie apocalypse. The Hoosier State's eight neighbors to the west also appear to be safe havens.

California - decidedly NOT a Midwest state - ranked at the top of the "survivability" list.

Meanwhile, the New England states, West Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii came in at the bottom of the survey, with Nevada hitting the bottom of the list. (Though, really, if you're gonna go, why not take your life savings on a trip to Vegas?)