Southern California students, parents upset after teacher approved board game about deportation for class project


OCEANSIDE, Calif. (WTHR) — Students and parents at Cesar Chavez Middle School are calling for action after an offensive class project.

It all has to do with a board game revolving around deportation. The game's objective is to get to a United States flag without a competing player deporting you.

A teacher approved the board game for a class project

Parents and alumni took their concerns to the school board.

"It's not a game," said former student Alexis Flores. "It's like a life or death situation. you are risking your life to come over here and have a better life for your family."

Upset community groups now want the school to make changes, including cultural sensitivity training for teachers.

The school said it would do this for all staff, the but school board did not discuss whether there would be any punishment for the teacher who approved the project.

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