Several drug dealers arrested for operating pipeline from Ohio to W. Virginia


CHARLESTON, W.V. (WTHR) — Several suspected drug dealers have been arrested after investigators conducted a take-down of a drug trafficking organization operating between Charleston, West Virginia and Akron, Ohio.

Investigators call the group Wells DTO, after the suspected leader of the ring, named Eugene Wells.

According to WSAZ, law enforcement raided the group's "drug stash house" on the west side of Charleston, and found more than 600 grams of suspected fentanyl, about 1,400 grams of heroin, more than 700 grams of meth and four guns.

The same day, federal agents reportedly searched Wells' home in Akron, finding more than 400 grams of heroin and more guns.

Authorities also recovered more than $12,000 in cash in the raids. Federal agents arrested Wells and two other suspects, Brandon and Sherry Gray, They are now facing federal charges.

U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart announced the project to take down the organization about a month ago. Then, he promised to keep Charleston safe.

"Promise made, promise kept. I intend to continue to focus federal resources on ridding the West Side of criminal elements, violent crime, drug thuds, and hooligans that cause chaos, fear and despair for law abiding families," he said.