School district makes policy changes after custodian's voyeurism arrest

Bloomington North School Policy Changes
School policy changes

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR - Administrators are making changes at Bloomington High School North after a custodian admitted to police that he hid his phone in the girls swim locker room and recorded video.

Police are still investigating whether this was a one-time incident.

Custodians working in restrooms and locker rooms will now work in pairs at Bloomington High School North. Students are told if they see a custodian or maintenance worker alone in one of those areas, they should contact a teacher or administrator.

Monroe County Community School Corporation says that locker rooms and restrooms are being checked throughout the day. New locks and access card readers will be installed on locker room doors.

"It allows us to monitor who is in that room, or who gained access to that room at any time," said Andrew Clampitt, Monroe County Community School Corporation.

Custodian Williams Marrs is suspended and faces felony charges of child exploitation and voyeurism. Teenage girls getting ready for a swim club practice found his phone recording video through a hole in a trash bag full of towels left in the corner of the locker room.

Marrs later retrieved his phone from the swim coach and deleted all the photos and videos before he was arrested. Bloomington police hope to recover images on that phone.

Police also confiscated a computer and digital storage devices from Marrs' home to see if he has other inappropriate recordings.

"We don't know. Because the police department has not been able to recover a video at this time, are we treating it as any and all students and staff may have been affected. So that's why the serious attention," said Clampitt.

School administrators are holding a meeting on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. for coaches, athletes, parents and students who may questions about the situation..

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