Purdue University diploma fight ends in victory for students

Courtesy: Fort Wayne's NBC

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WISE) — Students at Purdue Fort Wayne will continue to be Purdue graduates on paper.

The university had proposed changing the heading on diplomas from “Purdue University" to “Purdue University Fort Wayne.”

A student group was concerned the proposed change would make graduate schools and employers look at their degree differently than if it said Purdue University.

During the protest, Purdue University Fort Wayne’s chancellor heard from the students. At one point, Purdue University president Mitch Daniels called and spoke with the chancellor.

After about an hour, Chancellor Ronald L. Elsenbaumer came into the room where the students were to make an announcement that the board of trustees decided to keep the name.

“The board of trustees has heard us,” Elsenbaumer said, “and they are leaving the diplomas as they are.”

The announcement was greeted with applause and cheers from the students in the room.

“When we had this conversation and I informed the president’s office yesterday and wanted to have an opportunity to have this discussion,” Elsenbaumer said. “I was just informed by a phone call from president Daniels that the board will keep the diplomas the way they currently read with one exception.”

That exception, as Elsenbaumer explained, would be that the diploma would need to read Purdue Fort Wayne at the bottom.

The board is set to discuss the diploma change at their meeting Friday.

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