Marion County election officials still counting ballots

Marion County Vote Counting
Counting the Marion County vote

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A full day after the polls closed in Marion County, votes are still being counted.

The Marion County Election Board said Wednesday night they still had about 23,000 absentee ballots that needed tallied from Tuesday's election. The count will resume Thursday morning at 10 a.m. and election officials say they hope to have it completed by the end of the day.

Wednesday, the work was going non-stop.

"We do separate the ballots, ballot by ballot. We have counters here who separate them from the envelopes...verifying signatures and then they will actually hand those ballots to a second set of counters who will run them through the high-speed counting machine," said Marion County Clerk's Office Deputy Director Russell Hollis.

In the past, the ballots would be shipped out to the precincts to be counted, but Indiana law now requires they be counted at the central office. The huge voter turnout means 50,000 ballots were left to be counted Wednesday morning.

"We are asking our voters and residents to be patient as we go through this process. We are doing the best with the process we have," Hollis said.

It is more than an inconvenience, though. Some races actually are hanging in the balance.

"There are some school board races, some township races that are waiting to see what happens after we count these absentees," Hollis explained.

The election board wants to get this resolved, because there are a lot of important races to be decided by the remaining votes.

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