Democrats call on Governor to investigate allegations against House Speaker Brian Bosma

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis)
Indiana House Speaker accused
Holcomb on Bosma allegations

Indianapolis - Indiana Democrats are calling on Governor Holcomb to investigate allegations against House Speaker Brian Bosma.

Those allegations involve a decades-old sexual relationship with an intern, 20 and married at the time, and the speaker's recent alleged efforts to intimidate the woman and her family.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Bosma used campaign funds to pay attorney Linda Pence $40,000 to in part, uncover negative information on the woman after she told the newspaper about her 1992 encounter with Bosma.

John Zody, chair of the Indiana Democratic Party said, "it's about the money expended by the speaker and for waht reason? Was it for intimidation? And it's about what the governor believes... the top elected office at the statehouse and the leader of his party, what he believes should be happening now."

The Governor told reporters following a separate news conference that without an "official report" on what happened, he will not comment or investigate allegations against Bosma, who's denied the accusations.

Holcomb said, "I don't think it would be fair of me to comment on a story, that what I read has lingered for decades and this story is all I have the benefit of reviewing."

The Governor also said it wasn't his role to investigate the allegations.

"There's a process for that and it's not initiated by me," Holcomb said.

Bosma led an internal investigation of Attorney General Curtis Hill after Hill was accused of groping several women at an end-of-session party in April.

Both Bosma and the Governor later called for Hill's resignation.

While the Governor said that was different because "there was an official report that was compiled," Zody argues otherwise.

"There are different circumstances certainly," Zody said, "But what is similar is that the governor made statements about Attorney General HIll and Speaker Bosma himself made statements about Attorney General Hill. There are questions here about public elected officials and their conduct in office."

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